About Us

The mission of the Countryside Learning is a simple one. It is to educate, inform and inspire children, parents and teachers, so that they can enjoy and appreciate the countryside while having a greater understanding of the wide range of issues surrounding it. We are a national registered charity (327091) formed in 1986.

Countryside Learning is focused on providing a variety of educational opportunities designed to connect children with the countryside in a fun and practical way. We hope to nuture a lifelong interest in loving, respecting and learning about the environment. Research shows that learning in the outdoors can bring massive benefits to a child’s confidence, understanding and engagement, together with benefits to their mental and physical wellbeing.

We collaborate with several organisations, that seek to promote outdoor learning.  Our Countryside Live events provide an opportunity for organisations to come together to engage children with food, farming and natural environment activities. We are member of the  Countryside Classroom consortium and are able to exchange knowledge and expertise with other members. The CC website is a great source for resources for our teachers to use back at school.

We reach up to 20,000 children per year with our programme of events and the members of our Farms for Schools programme reach a further 300,000 children. . Our events range from visits for a single class right up to an event that caters for up to 4,000 inner city children, when we bring the countryside to them.