Let’s Learn Moor

Let’s Learn Moor – Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July 2022

The planning has already started for Let’s Learn Moor 2022. This is the Uplands Education Programme which is run in conjunction with BASC and various Regional Moorland Groups in the first week of July.

This year we are expecting over 2500 children to be taking part. The children will rotate around a carousel of activities to learn about farming in the uplands, conservation in the uplands, the importance of peat, the work of the emergency service and other aspects of upland life and moorland management.

The days would not be possible without the partnerships formed by the regional moorland groups with local stakeholders such as the National Parks, local bird watching clubs and game dealers, beekeepers and mountain rescue volunteers.

We will be explicitly teaching the importance of peatland management in carbon sequestration. We believe that if we are to make children care about climate change they must understand that whilst it may be a global problem, some of the solutions are very local.

The events take place all over the country, hosted by moorland owners.

For further details contact Anna Hare email