Silent Art Auction


Sporting Art Auction 2016

art overall

The final income from the Art Auction 2016 was £3575.

Run totally online this year the event was a great success and with absolutely no costs, so every penny raised goes to carry on the work of Countryside Learning.

A huge thanks to everyone concerned in raising this fantastic amount of money. Thanks to our Sporting Artists who donated their superb work, The Shooting Gazette magazine who featured the art available this year, Dysons Framers who do such a great finishing effect for the pictures  and of course our brilliant supporters who have bid against each other to raise this huge amount for Countryside Learning. This money really will make a difference and will allow us to fund an Estate Day – paying for the infrastructure, exhibitors/porta loos and schools transport and cover all our internal costs.

We hope all our winning bidders’s have years of enjoyment from their purchases.

Countryside Learning, now in its 30th year as a national registered charity, reaches up to 20,000 children with a programme of events and the members of its Farms for Schools programme reach a further 300,000 children. It organises visits for a single class or events where up to 4,000 inner city children get the chance, often for the first time, to experience the countryside around them.

Andrew Glasby

Dormice – Bronze
Size 1″ x 3″

ag_sculptures_dormouse_2-470x313 ag_sculptures_dormouse_sleeping_1-470x313


Robert E Fuller

Red Stag – Print 375/850
Size – 11″ x 18″

Robert E Fuller - red stag- print


Ben Hoskyns

Pheasants from the Oaks – Oil on paper
Size – 11″ x 17″

Ben Hoskyns - Pheasants from the Oaks for website

Catherine Ingleby

Phaeton – Print 3/250
Size – 16″ x 16″
Catherine Ingleby -low res for website web

Alistair Makinson

Roe in bluebells – Oil on canvas
Size – 16″ x 12″



Rodger McPhail

Grey Partridge – Oil on paper
Size – 6″ x 10″

RODGER MCPHAIL for website


Annabel Pope

Wild Dog Country – Limited Edition Print 4/150
Size – 14″ x 22″

Annabel Pope-Wild Dog Country for website

Keith Sykes

Black Lab Puppy – Scraperboard and Ink
Size – 100 x 150mm

Keith Sykes - lab puppy for web

Owen Williams

Evening Woodcock – Watercolour
Size – 13″ x 9″

OWEN WILLIAMS for website

Jonathan Yule

Pintail at Dawn – Watercolour
Size – 11″ x 7 1/2″

Jonathan Yule - Pintail at Dawn for website

John Davis

Grouse – Oil on board
Size – 12″ x 16″

JOHN DAVIS for website