Other Useful Online Resources

Agriculture for You

The Agriculture for You vision is that from an early age, all school children in the UK will have a basic knowledge of where their food comes from and how it is produced .

Animal Corner

Animal Corner – Animal information site featuring wildlife, pets, insects, sea life, farm animals, Galapagos wildlife, Rainforest animals and Reptiles.


www.arkive.org designed for use by people from 11 years old to Adults. Its content consists one of the largest collection of wildlife and environmental films and images that can be viewed for free; the films and images are relevant to a wide range of subject’s relevant to Natural History.

The site is free to use by anyone as long as none of the materials are used for commercial or promotional purposes (internal educational use is fine though).

Canal and River Trust 

Visit their website www.canalriverexplorers.org.uk

The Countryside Alliance Foundation

The CA Foundation has an online learning tool aimed at children aged 7-11 years old. Visit the website www.countrysideinvestigators.org.ukwhich aims to promote an understanding of the countryside by guiding children through farms, villages, woodland and country estates and meeting various characters, such as a river keeper or estate manager on the way. The website is full of advice and supplements for teachers to guide their students through the journey, as well as videos, games and comprehension quizzes to ensure students are in keeping with Geography, Citizenship, English, ICT and Art and Design curriculum.

Farming and Countryside Education (FACE)

Visit the FACE website for a variety of resources www.face-online.org.uk

The Grain Chain

The Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA), the Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB) and The Federation of Bakers have collaborated to produce a new multimedia educational resource called The Grain Chain www.grainchain.com/ The website offers children a fun way to learn about the ‘field to fork’ cycle.

Learning Days Ltd

Learning Days Ltd develops educational resources for schools throughout the UK. www.learningdays.co.uk

Letchworth Museum

Letchworth Museum have designed a fun interative website for KS1 students www.2feet4feet.org.uk

Little Grey Fergie

Fergie Facebook small

Little Grey Fergie is a world of stories and activities for children aged 3-6. www.littlegreyfergie.com

National Gamekeepers Organisation Charitable Trust

Find their teacher information under the Teacher button at http://www.gamekeeperstrust.org.uk/

Northbank Wool Ltd 

They can provide wool tops which are ideal if you are carrying out a felting activity.Northbank Wood Ltd

Royal Forestry Society

Visit the RFS Woodland Discovery Zone and Take the Pancake Woodland Challenge! Explore the woodland and discover how all the plants and animals are specially adapted to life there. Then have a go at managing Pancake Wood as it grows and changes over time, and see if you can make sure all the plants and animals keep the conditions they need to stay happy! www.rfs.org.uk/learning/woodland-discovery

RSPCA Education Website

Visit the RSPCA Education website for a variety of resources RSPCA Education Website

Teaching Trees

Resources for woodland activities. www.teachingtrees.org.uk

Woodland Trust – Nature Detectives

Resources for woodland activities www.naturedetectives.org.uk/