Balcombe Estate, Bowders Farm, Balcombe, West Sussex, RH17 6QJ

DATE: Thursday 18th June 2020
TIME: 9.45am to 2.00pm
KEY STAGE: Key Stage 2
(priority given to yrs 5 & 6)
COST: This event if free of charge.

PRE-VISIT BRIEFING (PVB): All schools must send a representative to the PVB, without the PVB, we cannot accept schools on the Estate Day.

This introduction to the countryside will include the opportunity to learn about:

Farming -find out about the beef herd and sheep.  Discover which crops are grown on the estate and the machinery required to do this.

Forestry management and timber processing – discover how the woodlands are managed and watch a  timber processing demonstration

Pheasant and duck breeding and management – meet the chicks and ducklings and learn how they are raised

Gun dog handling and training – see the dogs being put through their paces

Meet the hounds

Horses with their tack – riding and working explained.

For further information contact
Guy Ledger
Tel: 07796 316187
or e-mail