Ewelme Park Estate, Nettlebed, Henley on Thames, Buckinghamshire, RG9 6DZ

DATE: Thursday 21 May 2020
TIME: 9.30am to 2.30pm
KEY STAGE: Key Stage 2 (priority given to yrs 5 & 6) and Key Stage 3.
COST: There is no charge for this event.

Three trails have been identified:

The History Trail – This walk will be led by Michael Colston. It will take place around the house (exterior only) and surrounding gardens and paddocks.

It will include historical details of the site and a visit to the archery corridor, the site where the largest haul of Roman coins were found, a tree embedded with arrow heads and the prehistoric Ridgeway Path.

The Farm Trail – This walk will be led by Hayley Gray. It will start from the farm yard adjacent to the house. This walk will look at farm buildings and their use, farm machinery, crops that are grown at Ewelme and a livery yard – an example of farm diversification.

The Woodlands Trail – This trail will involve a tractor and trailer ride. Liza Dibble will lead the group. They will visit the pheasant pens and meet Ian the gamekeeper and be driven through maturing woodlands and learn about planting, woodland management and wildlife.

Each trail must take no longer than an hour and a quarter from start to finish. This will then give just enough time for any toilet breaks!

Lunch will be taken under the trees in the Park or in a barn, depending on weather.

For further information contact  Gary Richardson